Best Time to Travel to Sweden

Sweden is a popular travel destination, especially among nature lovers and adventurers. The northern lights, over 120 winter sports areas and amazing nature characterize the northern European country. Depending on what you want to experience in Sweden, a certain travel time is best. Find out in this article when is the best time to travel to Sweden ! For various activities, I’ll show you when you should best travel to the Kingdom of Sweden and which regions and cities are best suited for this. I will explain to you how the climate is based on climate tables and other information is and what weather conditions await you at the different altitudes. Find out more now and travel to the natural wonder of Sweden at the best time to travel!

When is the best time to travel to Sweden?

The best time to travel to Sweden for winter sports enthusiasts is from December to April. A milder climate and warmer temperatures await you in summer between June and August. The days are longer here and various activities such as hiking or sailing are possible.

optimal travel time for Sweden

Best travel time to Sweden

  • Winter sports: December to April
  • Northern lights: September, October, February and March
  • City trip: spring and autumn
  • Landscape and nature: all year round
  • Beach holiday: July to August

According to Sourcemakeup, the ski season in Sweden is from December to April. The winter sports areas in northern Sweden offer the best conditions for winter sports. Here you can count on a snow guarantee at least from December to February. In parts it even snows from September and into May. The auroras to visit, the best time in the transition phases from autumn to winter and from winter to spring. Sometimes you have the opportunity to see the northern lights even in winter. For a city ‚Äč‚Äčtrip in Sweden , for example to the capital Stockholm, spring and autumn are best. For many, the winter months are too cold for sightseeing tours. In summer, on the other hand, the cities are so overcrowded with tourists that you have to queue for a long time at every attraction. In addition, some shops in some Swedish cities are closed in the summer as the locals themselves are on vacation. Every season is suitable to admire the landscape and nature in Sweden . No matter when you travel to Sweden, amazing nature awaits you. If you want to spend your summer vacation in Sweden and swim in one of the numerous lakes , the months of July and August are particularly suitable in the south of the country. On some warm days in summer you can even use The Baltic Sea and the North Sea swim .


The best time to visit Sweden is the summer period from June to August for many travelers. Many activities are possible here, which particularly attract adventurers and athletes. Winter sports fans should visit Sweden during the ski season between December and April. At least from December to February you have guaranteed snow , especially in northern Sweden . In addition, the frozen lakes invite you to ice-skate in winter. The months of spring and autumn are best for city travelers. The weather here is not as optimal as in summer, but the trips are a lot cheaper and the tourism is less. The south of Sweden is particularly recommended for a beach holiday in the summer months of July to August. If you want to visit the fabulous landscape of Sweden on a round trip, you can do so all year round. The natural spectacle in the north, the northern lights , is most likely to be seen in the months of September, October, February and March. Get more tips for your Sweden vacation in my travel magazine and secure your bargain trip now!

Best Time to Travel to Sweden

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