Best Time to Travel to Venice

All information about the best travel time for Venice

Venice is located in the northeast of Italy. The lagoon city with the nickname “La Serenissima” attracts you with its numerous canals, old buildings and the famous gondoliers. This article will give you all the information you need to know about the best time to visit Venice . A climate table awaits you with the help of which you can easily get an overview of the average temperatures and rainfall in Venice. In addition, I will answer all your questions about the weather during the different seasons in Venice, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The picturesque city enchants you at first sight – we promise.

The best time to travel to Venice

The best time to travel to Venice

The best time to travel to Venice is in April and May as well as September, October and November . During this time you can expect milder temperatures and still 5 to 6 hours of sunshine per day. The hotel prices are cheaper and the queues in front of the sights are bearable. You will definitely find one or the other bargain that suits you in my offers. At this time you have the opportunity to discover inconspicuous details in the streets that make this city so magical. In autumn there are more rainfalls and floods, but these also have their special charm. The widespread rubber boots create colorful contrasts to the gray days and immediately put you in a good mood again.

Best travel time to Venice in the monthly overview:

  • April:17 ° C, 6 hours of sunshine, 8 rainy days
  • May: 21 ° C, 8 hours of sunshine, 8 rainy days
  • September: 24 ° C, 6 hours of sunshine, 5 rainy days
  • October: 18 ° C, 5 hours of sunshine, 6 rainy days
  • November:11 ° C, 3 hours of sunshine, 8 rainy days

Winter as the best time to visit Venice for activities

According to SUNGLASSESTRACKER, Venice is wrapped in a mystical veil of fog in the winter months, which puts you in a unique mood . If you stroll through the empty alleys, everything appears even more picturesque and mysterious. At this time you can get to know the otherwise lively city, overflowing with tourists, from its quiet side. The few tourists are also reflected in the prices. At this time you have the opportunity to get hold of cheap bargains for flights and accommodation in Venice. The queues in front of sights such as the Doge’s Palace or St. Mark’s Basilica omitted or kept within limits. So you can relax and enjoy the wonders of Venice and don’t have to squeeze your way through congested streets. And let’s be honest, a really hot Italian coffee tastes much better when the temperatures are cooler outside, doesn’t it?
At the time of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Carnival, the city is overcrowded again. Despite the high prices, you should attend the Venice Carnival once in your life . Usually from the end of January to mid-February, the residents and visitors wrap themselves in masks and costumes and celebrate together. Immerse yourself in the colorful crowd and let yourself drift. Different delicacies await you at every corner and one costume is more impressive than the other.

“Acqua Alta” – flood in Venice

“Acqua Alta” occurs when more water is pressed into the canals of the lagoon city than they can absorb. This pressure arises from various natural phenomena. On the one hand, the so-called “Sessa” , a regularly recurring water movement in the Adriatic, sends waves towards Venice at certain intervals. This wave sloshes back and forth between the Adriatic coast. On the other hand, it can happen that the air pressure is particularly low and the Scirocco pushes the water into the Venice lagoon. The final influencing factor is the tides. The moon influences ebb and flow and thus also the water level in Venice. If all three factors occur at the same time, the water can rise higher than usual. You don’t have to worry about flooding. As a rule, they are not dangerous, just a nuisance.

My conclusion on the best travel time for Venice

The best time to travel to Venice is spring and autumn . Here the temperatures are not too hot and if you are lucky it doesn’t rain that often. The city shows its quiet and picturesque side and you can explore the pearl of the Adriatic without the typical tourist crowds. Stroll through the alleys, relax in a café or admire the architectural masterpieces of the city. There are no limits to you in the city of love. If you need further suggestions and Venice tips for your short vacation, you are welcome to take a look at my travel magazine.

Weather Venice in the summer months

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