Bracelets for Men Leather: Review Product Tanner Goods

A bracelet male leather is an accessory discreet and easy to use. Easy because thanks to the watch, all are already accustomed to see an accessory on the wrist male. Discreet because the designs are typically simple, as is this awesome handmade bracelet is made by Tanner Goods.

Bracelets for Men Leather Review Product Tanner Goods

The Tanner Goods makes products simple and versatile. Most of them are made in leather atanado of the highest quality. Among all the types of leather used for the accessories I like very much this kind of treatment, especially when it comes in its natural state, without dye.

The hides without dye are very clear. With the use time the changes are super noticeable. He is going to acquire a a shade of orange and then dark brown, getting more and more beautiful with the years.

The Tanner Goods

The Tanner Goods is a brand of Oregon, the United States, specializing in male accessories for men with style of life explorer. The main raw materials used are leather and canvas waxed. Only materials with high durability and longevity.

The product design is modern, based on the classics of the past. Is a new that respects the old, in with choices careful to offer the greatest value to the customer.

The production is manual, done by a small team of designers and craftsmen work together to create, test, and launch an item that we can take advantage of and enjoy for a long time. I wrote this another post with a better explanation because I value hand-made products.

The work is slow, with care and much attention to detail. The raw material is selected with great care and high quality also, always looking for local suppliers.

They are doing exactly the opposite of what most brands are doing, and have managed to balance growth with the philosophy manual. The price is not so cheap, but it well reflects the posture, the quality and the durability of what they sell.

The Bracelet Tanner Goods – The Most Simple Impossible

Already it was some time that I wanted to buy something from Tanner Goods, but the import taxes have left everything too expensive.

After watching the above video I decided I needed to get something, anything, to support the small company, even with little.

The more he sailed through the universe of the brand, the more interested I became in checking closely one of the products. I wanted to have with me part of the work of a group of people with a project so interesting.

I wanted one of the backpacks, which for me are amazing. Can’t face the price so I decided to start small with a bracelet.

I chose the Single Wrap Wristband in leather raw with rivet of brass because I love the patina that it acquires as it ages. In the instagram of the Tanner has several pictures of the evolution of the product and I think it is great!

The design is simple. There is not much to talk about. A strip of leather smooth, and easy to use with a t-shirt, jeans and my boots favorite.

The leather bracelet is amazing!

The leather tanning plant is quite thick. Is what here they call soleta, but has a different consistency. In addition to being very thick, it is much more firm.

The great beauty of this material is that the skin is fully exposed to the elements not to receive any finish, This means that the sun, your own body and the way where you pass in will be responsible for giving the guy the end.

Don’t be fooled by the pale color that it has right out of the box. With time, this bracelet will purchase a coloring that no ink is able to do!

The evolution of the Natural Leather

And ai staff. I decided to do this update today, the day 17/10/2015, to show the face of my bracelet after three years of use.

Just look at the color of the bracelet. Nor seems the same product. Too beautiful. This was only one use, I never suffered from any product. Do you have anything leather that got better with time? Account there in the comments.

Where to buy in Brazil?

If you enjoyed this bracelet male but do not want to import, appreciate the local work. When I bought this product from the Tanner did not exist brands that are similar here in Brazil, but today there are already options national. Check out this list of where to buy bracelets for men.

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