Chanel Dhows Métiers D’art Where Coco Once Slept

A few days ago Chanel announced that the upcoming Métiers d’art collection will take place in the newly renovated Hotel Ritz in Paris. Thus the famous collection returns to the hometown of Coco Chanel after stops in Rome, Salzburg, Dallas, Shanghai and Bombay. Oh what, much more: Chanel returns to the roots of the house, because the founder Coco Chanel lived for decades in the famous hotel on Place Vendôme. The Métiers d’art collection will take place on December 6th, i.e. on St. Nicholas Day.

What is the Métiers d ‘ art collection?
The Métiers d’art collection celebrates the masterful handicraft companies of the House Chanel, which 2002 acquired and are affiliated with the company Paraffection. It is shown once a year. Mostly in places that Coco Chanel were at heart or have a special meaning for the fashion house. From 2009 to 2015, she travelled and was presented every year in a different place, which also inspired the collection thematically. Since its inception, Modepilot has always reported in detail about this particularly valuable collection. Everything you need to know about the Chanel Métiers d’art and also a look at previous collections can be found under this link.
The Ritz – The sleeping place of Coco Chanel
1937 took Coco Chanel to the Ritz. In their actual apartment, in the rue Cambon, there was no bedroom and the Ritz was more or less on the other side of the street, because Coco used a backdoor. She lived there until her death in the year 1971. First she had only two rooms, then an entire suite overlooking the Place de Vendôme. Whether the Métiers d’art collection will be shown in December also in this famous suite is not yet known – so the press office on our request. Well, it might be that she’s free. After all, the jewellery from 188 sqm costs 18,000 euro the night. For the presentation of the Haute Joaillerie presentation a few months ago, it was in all cases not documented. This was also our opportunity to take a closer look at the famous Chanel suite.
With the renovation, the suite moved from its regular place on the third floor one floor to the bottom, but otherwise it is rebuilt faithfully to the original. New are many replicas from their famous apartment in the Rue Cambon, which have been added to the existing and renovated décor. Like, for example, the famous round table with wheat ears. Everything in this collection of jewellery was also turned around the wheat.
Why wheat? As well as the lion, the grain was a talisman of the designer. Coco Chanel was born in August, in the zodiac sign of the lion and in the middle of the summer when the wheat is golden yellow. In addition, wheat in French is called “Blé” and this word is used colloquially for money (comparable to the German Pinkepinke or the Bavarian Diridari). When Coco was out of nowhere her business was built and became rich, she wanted to express her wealth to all visibly with an overcoming wheat decoration in her apartment.
The words are changed enough… Now we show you exclusively how it looks in the suite. Have fun clicking: