Empire State Building NYC

Gigantic steel building

According to ehuacom, the Empire State Building is located on Manhattan Island in New York City (NYC). The building is 381 meters high; with antennas, the huge skyscraper is 443 meters high. During the Great Depression after 1929, the Empire State Building was built in just 18 months from 1930-1931.

Empire State Building in Manhattan

Since the destruction of the twin towers “World Trade Center” in 2001, the Empire State Building has once again been the tallest building in the metropolis of New York.

However, it will lose that title to One World Trade Center in 2013. The Empire State Building was erected on the square in Manhattan where the Waldorf Astoria Hotel once stood. The shape of the Empire State is said to have been modeled after a standing pencil.

High – Higher – New York City

After the Eiffel Tower opened in France in 1889, ambitious America sought to own the tallest building on earth. The Empire State Building was the culmination of a brisk construction activity on very tall buildings in New York. The Empire State was the tallest building in the world for a long time.

Marvel at New York from above

The Empire State Building has 102 floors. The observation decks are on the 86th floor and the 102nd floor. The observatory on the 86th floor is visited by over three million people a year. In addition, the Empire State Building is the seat of countless companies.

The Empire State Building towers over everything in Manhattan

No cheap pleasure

Visiting the Empire State Building in Manhattan is not cheap. Adults pay US$19. Accordingly, young people, pensioners and children are less. Be prepared to wait in front of the elevators. The view and the foresight from the platforms make up for the waiting times. The Empire State Building is open from 9:30 a.m. until midnight.

Empire State Building – 1,800 steps

The Empire State Building is located in Manhattan at the corner of 5th Avenue and 34th Street. Seventy elevators operate in the Empire State Building. The construction of the building cost just 41 million US dollars. You can also climb the Empire State Building on foot, but then you have to climb more than 1,800 steps.

Highest energy efficiency

In July 1945, an American B-25 bomber crashed on the 79th floor of the Empire State Building. 14 people died. The building was then temporarily closed. In the meantime, the Empire State Building has been extensively renovated. The tallest building in New York is now a role model in terms of energy efficiency and energy saving.

Zeppelin – gone with the wind

It was planned that the top platform should be used as a berth for Zeppelin airships, which was then not possible after an attempt to moor for technical reasons and was rejected. The Zeppelin airships also quickly disappeared from the scene. On US holidays, the top of the Empire State Building is lit and illuminated in the American national colors. The lobby of the Empire State Building is a five-story art deco work of art, crafted from marble and granite adorned with brushed stainless steel. The Empire State Building in Manhattan played an important role in many classic films, such as the classic “King Kong”.

African Burial Ground National Monument

In memory of American slaves

In 1991, around 400 skeletons were discovered during construction work in New York City. Dating from the 17th – 18th centuries, the human remains belong to African workers and their families (both slaves and free Africans). The cemetery, the National Monument “African Burial Ground”, is located in “Lower Manhattan”. At that time the burial ground was still outside the city.

People were simply buried in the ground with no crosses or other markings on the surface. Over time, the “mass burial ground” was forgotten. The cemetery was not discovered until 1991. The African slaves played a significant role in the development of today’s cosmopolitan city of New York. Many, almost all slaves, paid for it with their lives.

Cemeteries of African Slave Laborers

More human remains were discovered two blocks north of City Hall, near Broadway in New York. Also on Elk Street, Duane Street and Reade Street. Today, at the burial ground of the African Burial Ground National Monument, there is a modern memorial, a memorial to the dead who were laid to rest there.

Empire State Building NYC

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