Entertainment and Attractions in Tel Aviv, Israel

According to wholevehicles.com, Tel Aviv was founded relatively recently, in 1909, so there are few historical sights there. But there are many interesting museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Eretz Israel Museum, the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. Also of interest is the Palace of Independence, where in 1948 the State of Israel was proclaimed.

Jaffa, which has long been practically a part of Tel Aviv, is one of the oldest cities in the world, which managed to “mark itself” in a variety of legends and traditions: here Noah built his ark, Perseus freed Andromeda and from here the prophet Jonah set off on his journey, a vision was revealed here Apostle Peter and the righteous Tabitha was resurrected. Old Jaffa has long merged with Tel Aviv into one metropolis and is now turned into a large tourist and art center with numerous restaurants, galleries, workshops, flea markets, salons, museums and archaeological sites.

The nightlife of the city in bars and discos starts after 21:00 and boils until dawn. There are many discos on the promenade of southern Tel Aviv, Alenbi street, as well as in the port of Jaffa. Restaurants and cafes with quite reasonable prices on Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda streets are popular.

6 things to do in Tel Aviv

  1. Not only walk around old Jaffa, but also get to one of the open concerts.
  2. Get impressions from non-urban life – this is the Botanical Garden at the University and, do not be too lazy to go, a safari in Ramam Gan. Wildlife is very close.
  3. Tired of marching from beach to beach, head to the city park. Or lie down on a sunbed right on Rothschild Boulevard.
  4. Make a conclusion in a couple of days, which beach is the best: free or paid, with pools or “for locals”… Bypass all 12.
  5. Leaving the modern city for the CaesareaNational Park. Only 45 minutes, and in front of you is the Roman amphitheater.
  6. Meet the sunrise or sunset on one of the longest embankments in the world.

Tel Aviv for children

The tourist infrastructure fully takes into account children’s interests. The Maymadion water park has all imaginable types of water attractions and a special children’s town (off. site in English).

The largest and most family-friendly city park, Yarkon, is a great place for picnics, walks and sports (football, basketball, mini-golf, trampolines, climbing wall, kayaking). On a huge area there is a mini-zoo, a garden of stones and cacti, a tropical garden, a bird park. This local analogue of Central Park in New York rests right on the waterfront. On the territory of Yarkon there is an amusement park and a water park Memadion. A more extreme version of the amusement park, Superland, is built in the suburban “Rishon LeZion” (half an hour drive).

You should definitely go to the zoological safari center in Ramat Gan (off. site in English). In the main part of the park, pets move freely, there are few enclosures. Ostriches, zebras, elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions walk a few steps from the car.

In the Tel Aviv district (Gush Dan, the city of Holon) there is the famous Children’s Museum, where you can spend several hours in unusual conditions: in the dark (like a blind man), not hearing sounds (deaf), becoming an elderly person (heavy clothes, shoes, subdued light, etc.). There are educational programs for the little ones. (off. site with an English version).

Tel Aviv beaches

In the west, Tel Aviv rests on the Mediterranean Sea: 12 sandy beaches follow each other for 14 km. In winter, only 7 are open, 4 can let dogs off the leash, and 4 have free libraries.

All beaches, with the exception of Ha-Tsuk, are free, most have paid parking. Lifeguards are on duty at almost every place, there are children’s areas, sun loungers, umbrellas, awnings (for an additional fee), cafes, bars. Many of them have sports simulators, playgrounds for beach sports have been built.

Paid “Ha-Tsuk” is removed to the north, mostly locals rest here. The next beach, with lawns, “Tel Baruch” is also considered a beach for Israelis. The beach “Metsizim” – the owner of the Blue Flag – is another favorite beach of the residents. The orthodox “Nordau” is known for the fact that all days except Saturday are “separate”: the entrance is only for men or only for women.

Behind him is a small “Azmout”, where gays gather. Popular, albeit narrow, the Hilton is famous for its calmest waters. There is free parking, a surf center. Tourist beach “Gordon” is famous for its sea water pool and children’s slides. The beaches “Frishman” and “Bugrashov” are similar, they offer a relaxing holiday almost in the center of the city.

The most crowded and largest beach, awarded the Blue Flag, “Jerusalem”, is chosen by families with children and tourists. Behind him is the recently renovated “Aviv”, where there are no lifeguards and it is forbidden to swim. The southern beaches – “Charles Clore” at the park, “Drummers” at the dolphinarium and “Givat Aliya”, turning into old Jaffa – are relatively sparsely populated.

Treatment in Tel Aviv

Someone will remember Tel Aviv as bright and resort-like, but people also come here for treatment: for diagnostics, course procedures, or for surgical intervention. In the second largest city in Israel, both local clinics and departments of the largest clinics in the country, for example, Assuta (off. site), are well-known far beyond its borders.

The cost of treatment in public hospitals (the authoritative Ichilov, the Lis maternity hospital, the Dana children’s hospital – all this is now combined into the Sourasky medical center (off. site)) is much lower than in private (expensive even by the standards of private ” Ramat Aviv). Medical centers in the cities closest to Tel Aviv (Herzliya Medical Center, the state-owned Sheba in Ramat Gan) charge less for their services than eminent clinics in the metropolis itself.

All areas in which Israeli medicine is strong are represented: surgery, oncology, gynecology, pregnancy and childbirth, cosmetology and plastic surgery, ophthalmology, etc. Appointments with leading world-famous specialists are scheduled six months in advance.

Attractions in Tel Aviv, Israel

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