How Colors and Elements of Our Star Signs Affect the Fashion

Our outfits are our hanger, so many of us spend a lot of time in the perfect outfit.Behind it is usually not a particular reason or occasion.No, we just want to look beautiful.The pants must fit to the shoes.Accessories are just not just accessories.They are important details.These details then extend over the entire outfit, they underline the look.Irrespective of trends, we spontaneously choose patterns, fabrics and colors that we like.This abdominal feeling, which stands for us and which color corresponds to our mind, is subliminally always there.What is the reason?Is there anything that affects us in our subconscious mind?Our star sign is one of the reasons why we love exactly the colors and prefer exactly this pattern.So I would like to show you today how your star sign and the corresponding element can influence the choice of your outfit.

1. Which element suits my star sign?

Before I show you which colors and character characteristics influence the choice of your outfit, I will tell you about the 4 basic elements that we can classify ourselves into.All the stars can be assigned to one of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air.The ancient Greeks considered these elements to be the building blocks of our world.And each of these elements stood for certain qualities.So if you want to know which element is symbolic for you, you only have to look at where your star sign can be placed.

The zodiac is Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn belong to the earth element.You are twin, Libra or Aquarius?Then air is your element.Still remains the element of water.Here it is clear who owns: fish, crabs and scorpions.

2. What are the elements?

So you know at least the element that suits you.Then we can go into detail now and see what the individual elements stand for.

What does the fire element stand for?

The element of fire stands for a lively, courageous and spontaneous temperament.If you are born in the element of fire, then you are open to new things, show yourself enthusiastically and laugh a lot.You love your freedom and know exactly what you want.Therefore, you are sometimes a little too impatient, if it is not your will.Red is color that suits you perfectly.She underscores all these character traits.

The Aries tends most strongly to red shooters also feel connected to a bright blue and lions like also a bright yellow.

What is the earth element for?

If you can relate to the earth element, then you are probably a very earthy person, with both legs firmly in the life.You do not just let yourself into something, but always check everything very carefully.What can not stand up to your strict criteria is out of the question for you, because security is a thing of the past.Persistently, you persecute your path to the goal, even if you have to go a bit more strictly.You have many practical skills and are appreciated as a reliable partner.This also makes your thinking more practical and material.Your environment must be palpable, unconventional views or actions are not yours.

Since you are very earthy and natural, green is the color that best suits your character.The Virgin feels most strongly connected with the color green.Steinböcke also appreciate a deep blue, bull a gentle apricot or pink.

What does the air element stand for?

The air element stands for the intellectual and the social.If you belong to it, then you are fond of telling and trying to explain and describe a lot with your imagination.This makes it easy for you to lose yourself in your stories.But through your deep need for close relationships and proximity to other people, you quickly find yourself back to the real important aspects of life.

The color of the air element is an expressive yellow.Especially twins can identify themselves well with yellow, whereby they also tend a little to orange.Scales also love the refreshing turquoise, water männer relax with intense purple tones.

What does the water element stand for?

The water element symbolizes deep feelings and a high sensitivity.If you belong to the element of water, you are very sensitive and sensitive through the world.You can sit well in situations and your fellow human beings, consoling comfortably in the appropriate moments, and draw yourself through a great devotion.Sometimes your feelings stand in your way and if you get too much, you will retreat to your world of thought.This is also necessary, because you are the most powerful.Your fellow human beings also value you as a trusting person, because your secrets are perfectly preserved.

Blue, like the sea, is the color of the water element.The scorpion feels particularly strongly attracted to this color.Crabs also like a bright orange, fish also like a conspicuous pink.

And, have you been able to recognize yourself in the descriptions?Do the colors match your favorite tones?In general, this is only indications, which color suits you and underlines your character.If colors are present that were not your favorites so far, then try them out.Perhaps you will be surprised and discovered some nice new pages for you and your outfits.In our section “Wissenswertes” we have many more infos for you.Among other things you will find a very interesting gemstone horoscope.Have a look!