India Travel: Tea, Temples and Natural Spectacles

For nature travelers, India is often not at the top of the “bucket list”. Not yet! If you take a closer look at this huge country as a nature travel destination, you will quickly realize that India is home to beautiful natural landscapes and an extremely diverse fauna. Away from the cities with their incredible number of people and the abundance of cultural monuments, you will experience a biodiversity that will amaze you on your trip to India in various national parks.

Travel information in brief

Travel time

The climate in India is strongly influenced by the monsoons. Depending on the region, the temperatures and the time of the monsoons can vary. From November to March it is usually a bit cooler and dry everywhere, between April and June it is rather hot. In general, the period from November to March is the recommended travel time for India.

Currency / money

The local currency is the Indian rupee, which is divided into 100 Paise. You do not receive Indian rupees abroad and you have to change money yourself in India. Euros and US dollars can be exchanged relatively easily in banks, hotels and travel agencies. In addition, cash can be withdrawn from a credit card and, in some cases, also paid for with it.


No special vaccinations are required when entering from Europe. When entering from yellow fever endemic areas, a yellow fever vaccination is necessary. The Federal Foreign Office recommends vaccinations against hepatitis A, tetanus and diphtheria. If you are staying for a long time, you should also consider vaccination against hepatitis B, typhoid and rabies. Please contact your doctor or a tropical medicine specialist in this regard.

Visa / entry

When entering India, a passport that is valid for at least six months after the trip and a visa are required. The visa can be applied for either through the responsible visa authority or as an e-Visa over the Internet. An e-Visa entitles you to a 60-day stay in India, the regular visa to a 6-month stay. Please apply for the visa well in advance of your trip.

The unknown side of India

India is colorful, India is loud and India has many people. India also has fabulous natural spectacles, a diverse fauna and warm-hearted people! We would like to show its guests the partly unknown national parks and regions on the India tours and offers you – depending on your preference – various group and individual tours to India.

The sights that most India travelers like to visit are the TajMahal, Amber Fort, Red Fort, Hawa Mahal, QutbMinar, the City Palace in Jaipur, Mumbai, the Minakshi Temple and many more. We have specialized more in the works of art of nature. There are the Periyar National Park, the Bandhavgarh National Park, the Kaziranga National Park or the Ranthambore National Park as well as the many smaller national parks with their tigers, elephants, Indian lions, leopards and many other wild animals. But the reptiles, amphibians and plants in India are also very worth seeing and we can admire them in all their beauty.

Of course, many of our India trips also include the top tourist destinations; At the same time, we will work out individual, unusual travel routes for you. How about a trip to Bandipur or the Kanha National Park? Or we can combine your trip to India with a trip to Nepal or Sri Lanka. Our nature trips through India always aim to support various species or nature conservation projects with part of the travel price. We know India personally and are in close contact with our local partners. Offering high-quality India trips with a focus on nature for you, that is our claim!

India Travel

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