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Bali temples are of interest on an Indonesian vacation.

By plane to Jakarta or Bali

There are no direct flights from Finland to Indonesia, but the country can be conveniently reached with one stopover. The most popular destinations are the capital Jakarta and the popular Bali.

You can fly to both destinations from Helsinki at the cheapest price of about 500 euros. The price of flights is affected not only by the stopovers and their number, but also by the time of the trip. During popular tourist seasons, such as Christmas and summer, flight prices can get very high.

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Travel time on a connecting flight is at its fastest about 20 hours depending on the length of the stopover. However, a flight from Helsinki to Indonesia with one stopover usually takes about 25 hours.

Plenty of affordable accommodation in tourist destinations

There are plenty of accommodation options in Indonesian tourist destinations as well as in Jakarta, and there is a wide range of accommodation, from luxury hotels to cheap private accommodation. In general, the price level in Indonesia is affordable in Finnish, and you can stay in a five-star hotel for less than a hundred euros.

Outside tourist destinations, there are significantly fewer accommodation options, often just one or two, and the level may not be very high. The price, though, is cheap.

Moving from place to place is time consuming

Longer trips within Indonesia are worth traveling by plane, as the roads are often in very poor condition, and congestion in Java in particular can be shocking. However, the reputation of Indonesian airlines is not very good and despite six airlines, all are banned from flying to the EU. Garuda Indonesia, Airfast Indonesia, Ekspres Transportasi Antarbenua, Indonesia Air Asia, Citilink, Lion Air and Batik Air are not on the EU blacklist.

In Java, it is also possible to travel by train. The bus and its various variations are the most common mode of transportation, and there are also taxis in tourist destinations. In a remote area, a car or boat is often the only option, but in that case it is advisable to obtain a competent driver. In Indonesia, distances are not usually measured in kilometers but in time, as a short distance on the map can take several hours.

The traffic culture is chaotic and a tourist accustomed to Finnish traffic may find it difficult to get involved in the rhythm of local traffic. Scooter rides are also popular with tourists, but before renting a moped, you should carefully consider whether your own driving skills are good enough to get around in local traffic.


Postcard beaches attract tourists to return to Indonesia which is abbreviated as INA by abbreviationfinder. According to countryaah, Indonesia is a country located in southeastern Asia.

Bali and Lombok beach paradises

The adjacent islands of Bali and Lombok, located east of Java, are above all beach resorts where you will enjoy the sun and great water sports. There is also a lot of authentic and original culture on both islands, although you may have to look for it a bit, especially in Bali.

Balinese culture is largely tinged with Hinduism, which is also strongly reflected in the daily lives of Balinese people. In Lombok, on the other hand, the majority are Muslims, which is good to consider in terms of clothing and alcohol use, among other things.

There are also excellent natural sites on both islands and climbing to the top of the volcanoes of Gunung Batur in Bali or Gunung Rinjan in Lombok is a tremendous experience for the adventurous traveler.

Rainforest islands of Borneo and Sumatra

Borneo, or Kalimanta, as the Indonesian part of the island is called, and Sumatra are known especially for their immeasurably valuable rainforests and oranges. Unfortunately, the rainforests in Sumatra have been felled at a tremendous pace, among other things by oil palm plantations and the mining industry, and the same fate threatens Borneo.

Fortunately, however, there are still wonderful natural sites on the islands, and especially in Borneo, the tourist can still see the virgin rainforest. However, seeing wild oranges and other endangered exotic animals can remain a dream. Instead, the tourist can get to know the indigenous culture and traditional way of life of the islands.

Borneo and Sumatra are perfect for the traveler looking for experiences and adventures who are ready to compromise on luxuries.

The multi-faceted Jakarta

The Indonesian capital Jakarta, located in Java, is not usually found on tourists ’favorite lists, but most visitors to Indonesia have to pass through at least the city’s airport. Jakarta is a chaotic, congested and hot city of millions, but it is also a melting pot of Indonesian culture, where different parts of the country collide with each other and live side by side.

In Jakarta, extreme poverty and disproportionate wealth are not overlooked by the tourist either, as luxury hotels and slum shacks may be located side by side. However, Jakarta has a lot of good shopping opportunities as well as the best pieces of Indonesian food culture. The nightlife is also lively.

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