Lady Question:Do You Still Wear the Jewelery of the Ex-Boyfriend?

Dear Lady blog team,
I have been a loyal reader for a while now and I am very happy to see you. Especially your book tips I love about everything. You are constantly being re-inspired. Now to my question: On the weekend I had a visit to a friend and we have something in my jewelry box rummaged. We have fallen into pretty hands that I do not wear anymore, because I got it from my ex-friend.

We have discussed it a bit and have not come to a conclusion. On the one hand it is really a pity to wear a good piece no longer, on the other hand many memories hang on it. Can the gift jewelery of the ex boyfriend be worn with a clear conscience? How much time should you let go? Or is that something you should not do?

Many greetings,
Your Johanna

Dear Johanna,

thank you for your kind words.There are, in my opinion, two types of jewelery which should no longer be worn:jewelery with engraving and rings, for these are the signs of eternal love.For the rest I can unfortunately give you no clear answer.Of course it is a pity to hide beautiful things in a box.However, mostly reminiscences of jewelry are often reminiscent.I think you should honestly decide what you link to the bracelet or chain, because not every memory must be bad or wrong.Not every separation goes apart in evil and many ex-couples are also still friends later.If the relationship is over and the separation has been processed, I do not mind wearing the jewelery.In a new relationship, however, you should tell the partner that the jewelry is from the ex boyfriend and openly discuss with him whether he has anything against it if you continue to wear it.

All the best
Constanze, who keeps the ring of her ex-boyfriend in a ring box