Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Like a reflection of a graceful crescent on the ground, the amazingly beautiful Lake Zurich lies between the Swiss Alps. Indeed, this reservoir has a crescent shape, and today, like many years ago, three cantons are fighting for the right to get at least a piece of its idyllic coast – Schwyz, St. Gallen and Zurich. See for education and training in Switzerland.

At the present time, one of the cleanest lakes in Switzerland is considered an ideal place to relax not only among the bohemian and wealthy public, but also among yachtsmen, divers, trekking fans and excursion fans, as well as ordinary tourists with children. Lake Zurich has something special to offer everyone.

However, it should be borne in mind that Lake Zurich is not the most “resort” in Switzerland, despite the surrounding beauty, the purity of the water and its impressive size: 40 km in length. Beach recreation infrastructure is poorly developed here, grassy beaches are mostly not equipped. There are practically no resort towns, as such. Tourists come here mainly to walk along the old streets of Zurich and the picturesque surroundings.

How to get there

Direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg land at Zurich Airport. It is also easily accessible by train from Swiss cities and European capitals. From Zurich to the selected resort town can be reached by train (the railway line runs from both banks), or by rented car.

Steamboats of the Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft company run directly on the lake for transport purposes, its fleet consists of 17 ships, including two old and very beautiful steamships: Stadt Zürich (1909) and Stadt Rapperswil (1914). There is a car ferry crossing between Horgen and Meilen, five ferries of Zürichsee-Fähre Horgen-Meilen AG run every 10 minutes.

From April to October there are cruises on Lake Zurich. Their main point of departure is the Burkliplatz marina in Zurich. The duration of such a water trip is from 1.5 hours. Boat trips are also organized along the Limat River flowing from the lake.

Letten, upstream of the Limat, is a popular bathing spot for the “golden” youth of Zurich.

Upper and Lower lakes

In order to immediately choose the right place to relax, you should know that this reservoir is divided into two lakes. The shallow Upper Obersee will be of little interest to fans of diving or sailing, but fishermen feel great here – it is overgrown with reeds, among which flocks of colorful fish curl. But here is the Lower Lake (Untersee) – a paradise for yachtsmen and divers, it reaches a depth of 143 m, and its width varies from 1 to 4 km.

All this splendor is divided by a spit at Gourden, which connects with a railway dam with a cape at Rapperswil.

Holidays on Lake Zurich

So, what can Lake Zurich offer tourists? First, of course, at the very least, but the possibility of swimming. There is clear water and grassy beaches-lawns, on which it is so pleasant to wallow in the summer with a volume, for example, of Nabokov. Kids will love the shallow entrance to the water, while parents will enjoy a wide range of water activities. And this will be the second point “for” visiting the lake. Yachting, diving, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing are the must-have items of the entertainment program for all vacationers on Lake Zurich without exception. Active recreation outside the water is third. The Swiss Alps provide plenty of opportunities for trekking: well-equipped hiking trails with amazing views of the surroundings are the highlight of this region. Finally, the mass of ancient castles, churches, cities is a great opportunity to combine an educational vacation with a beach one.

Letten, upstream of the Limat, is a popular bathing spot for the “golden” youth of Zurich.

Holidays and events stand out among all the advantages of this region. For example, the famous Street Parade, which takes place every first Saturday of August, after which the World Festival of Avant-Garde Art starts. Enchantingly ends the galaxy of must-visit festivals with the wine fair “Expovina” in the port of Zurich.

Lake Zurich, Switzerland

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