Liechtenstein As a Tourism Country

In tiny Liechtenstein, wealth is visible everywhere. The mini-state has the largest GDP in the world.

The charm of Liechtenstein lies in its small size. The Minimal Alpine idyll is lived safely in the armpits of the mountains between Switzerland and Austria. The tourism industry is booming and banking secrecy has, at least for the time being, secured a strong financial situation in Europe, even if the authorities of other countries are very interested in the accounts of the mysterious principality.

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At the bottom of the Rhine, at the top of the Alps

Only 160 square kilometers in size, Liechtenstein is bordered on the west by the Rhine River and on the east by a land border drawn high into the mountains. Of the country’s approximately 35,400 inhabitants, more than 5,000 live in the capital, Vaduz.

The Alps dominate the landscape of Liechtenstein and even in the river valley the gaze inevitably turns towards the mountains. Liechtenstein’s highest peak, Grauspitz, rises to 2,599 meters. Located at 1,600 meters above sea level, Malbun, the only ski resort in the country, offers a particularly peaceful place for a winter holiday, especially for families.

Close ties with neighbors

German is spoken in Liechtenstein. Despite the otherwise close co-operation with Switzerland, the Liechtenstein dialect is more reminiscent of a German spoken in Austria than a Swiss German. England is doing very well in Liechtenstein which is located in western Europe according to countryaah.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland go hand in hand. The neighborhood has a customs and monetary union and Switzerland also controls Liechtenstein’s borders. The currency of Liechtenstein is the Swiss franc.

A year-round travel destination

Short for LS by abbreviationfinder, Liechtenstein is suitable as a year-round travel destination. Especially in the summer it is a popular stage for Central European car holidaymakers, but there are also other sides in other seasons. The fresh autumn of the Alps is suitable for hikers wherever the summer months are. In winter, the mountains invite you to the slopes, and in spring the weather favors tourists much earlier than in Finnish spring.

With the exception of a few museums, Liechtenstein has nothing to offer in terms of wild nightlife, small town shopping or cultural experiences, but few will even look for them.

The price level is more reasonable than many imagine

Liechtenstein’s price level is in the same range as Switzerland. So it’s not a budget holidaymaker’s savings, but it’s still not worth not making the trip just because of the prices.

The level of hotel and restaurant prices is only slightly more expensive than in Finland or in some cases even almost the same. The frugal can also find accommodation on the Austrian side of Feldkirch, where prices are lower.

Liechtenstein’s prosperity is reflected in the overall look of the region. The houses are pretty and well maintained, the cars expensive and almost all the shops are branded. A striking amount of open-air art has been placed on the streets of Vaduz.


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Flying from Helsinki to Zurich

Upon arrival in Liechtenstein, the nearest airports are in Zurich, Switzerland and Friedrichshafen, Germany. Both Finnair and Blue1 fly direct flights from Helsinki to Zurich. Round-trip flight prices vary seasonally between around € 200 and € 350.

Liechtenstein does not have its own railway station, but the Austrian Österreichische Bundesbahnen is responsible for train services. Arrival by train is most conveniently done by traveling to either Feldkirch, Austria, or alternatively Sargan or Buchsi, Switzerland, all of which can be reached by bus to the Liechtenstein side. Bus service also within Liechtenstein is easy and inexpensive.

Easily with your own car

Getting around Liechtenstein with your own car is convenient, as there is no congestion here and there are plenty of parking spaces.

When climbing mountains, the driver should be careful, as the driving style of the locals can be a rape in the eyes of a Finn. There is not a meter of motorway in Liechtenstein, but those who grew up in the Alps are used to curves and steep slopes.

During the winter, snow chains are regularly needed and according to regulations, they must also be carried by everyone.

Inns and small hotels

Liechtenstein’s accommodation supply is commensurate with the size of the country. Although Liechtenstein is a popular destination for many tourists, not everyone stays there at all.

The hotel offer focuses on small private hotels and inns. Admittedly, it is the Alpine Gasthaus that is definitely the most authentic way to stay in such an environment!


Cozy Vaduz

Located in the lower valley of Liechtenstein, the capital Vaduz is a cozy little town that is easy to visit for a day or half. Everything is within walking distance.

Along the main street Städtle and the neighboring streets you can find almost everything that tourists are interested in in Vaduz. Shopping opportunities and restaurants are concentrated here and also the city’s tourist information, where you can get an Liechtenstein stamp for two francs in your passport, can be found along the Städtle.

Liechtenstein’s administration buildings, Vaduz Town Hall and the State Art Museum are also located on the same street.

Liechtenstein’s small parliament building houses the country’s 25-member parliament. Prince Hans-Adam II rules his people on a hillside from his castle above Vaduz. The Schloss Vaduz castle of the Prince’s Family is not open to the public.


Downhill skiing in Malbun

Situated in the high mountains of Triesenberg, Malbun is a small alpine village that offers a peaceful place for skiing holidays in winter and hiking trails in beautiful scenery in summer. You can get there either by your own car or by local bus from Vaduz in about half an hour.

The slopes of Malbun are well suited for families or less experienced skiers. Most of the slopes of Malbun are marked in blue or red. There are only a few blacks among them and even those only short slopes.

In terms of accommodation, Malbun is an excellent ski resort, as virtually all hotels and guesthouses are right next to the lifts.


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