Making Polymer Clay Ring Itself-So It Goes

If you like homemade jewelry, should look at even this polymer clay ring.Because you can make easily yourself.

Difficulty: easy time: 20 minutes+drying time

Make polymer clay ring yourself–you need this:

1 piece “Fimo effect copper”, sheet metal gold/6 sheets and Anlegemilch (

1 small pounded semi-precious stone (e.g., via

round mini cookie cutter (slightly smaller than the finger is thick,



Make polymer clay ring yourself–here’s how:

1 polymer clay piece cut into four squares, which press the cookie cutter in one of the squares and once it get infected. 2. using the cutter outside to the cutter around ring silhouette cut – they may look quiet somewhat irregularly, should be but not too thin, the ring or will break through. 3. top to push the stone. Roll a thin sausage from the remnants of polymer clay to stone and press with the tip of the scissors round rum. Pull out the cookie cutter and the ring in the furnace to Manual dry. 4. ring according to instructions with Anlegemilch and sheet metal “gold-plate”. This leave the inside of the ring, so that there is no abrasion.