Mountaineering in Asia

Mysterious Asia – the world’s largest continent. The place where it is necessary to know the winding roads of the mountainous landscape to be led to the experiences that shake you with a power you will never forget. Asia is fascinating beyond all borders – both to countries where you are welcomed by a strong cultural life, but certainly also to the top in, for example, Nepal, India, Iran or Tibet. Mountaineering in Asia should be high on everyone’s wish list.

Mera Peak, Nepal

6,461 meters • Technical difficulty: 2 • Physical form: C

With the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, lying south, we climb Mera Peak in Nepal a country located in South Asia defined by countryaah. The route is not really technically difficult, but it still requires that you are in good physical shape and possess a certain endurance. On the route up Mera Peak you get to try your hand at both the scaffolding and the ice ax.

Before the summit, we pull through the Sherpas’ capital, Namche Bazaar. Here Tourist has regular friends, and if we are lucky, they have time to offer us a cup of tea. We continue through forest and valleys and end in an open snowy landscape, from where we take the last 50 steep meters to the top of the 6,461 meter high Mera Peak.

Island Peak, Nepal

6,189 meters • Technical difficulty: 2 • Physical form: C

“Like an island in a mighty sea of ​​ice” was the way English mountaineer Eric Shipton described Island Peak back in 1952. Hence the mountain’s current name. Island Peak takes root in the green and lush Imja Valley, and ebbs out into an ice-covered peak at 6,189 meters altitude.

The mountain is a little more technical than Mera Peak, but does not present major technical difficulties. However, you need to be in good shape to be able to get above 6,000 meters altitude. At Tourist Travel, we have been adapting this trek for many years. Therefore, we have also deliberately decided to avoid Island Peak in October and November, when the amount of tourists is huge.

Stok Kangri, India

6,153 meters • Technical difficulty: 2 • Physical form: C

We are located in “Little Tibet” in Ladakh, well hidden away behind the mountains. But although Stok Kangri must stand in the shadow of the other high points of the Himalayas, such as the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, then Stok Kangri is a fantastic mountain to climb.

At Tourist Travel, we never quite do things like the others. Therefore, on our journey up Stok Kangri you can, among other things, experience riding down to the mountain saddle on mountain bikes. Your physical shape should be good, but the mountain does not offer as many technical challenges. Despite his 6,153 meters, Stok Kangri is not an unattainable goal.

Damavand, Iran

5,671 meters • Technical difficulty: 1 • Physical form: C

Asia’s highest volcano can be found in Iran. It is the stratovolcano Damavand, which is also Iran’s highest mountain. With the mountain base firmly planted close to Iran’s capital, Tehran, Damavand has gradually become completely iconic for the country. On the way to the top, we climb – if possible – Koloon Bastak on the east-west ridge.

We drive a short distance of the trip in old four-wheel drive vehicles before moving out on the last trek from Bagarh at 4,180 meters altitude and to the tops of Damavand 5,671 meters up. At Tourist, we like a lot of the challenges at Damavand, although it takes a while that we can offer trips here.

Lhakpa Ri, Tibet

7,045 meters • Technical difficulty: 2 • Physical form: D

Lhakpa Ri in China is the mountain where every meter is an adventure in itself. Both the technical difficulty level and the requirements for your physical and mental form are towering – but such are the rules of the game on a 7,045 meter high mountain in “Snow’s Home”, Himalayas.

Lhakpa Rice’s neighbor and big brother is Mt. Everest. Large stretches of this hike are therefore with the world’s highest mountain on the horizon. Participating in the mountaineering expedition to Lhakpa Ri with Tourist Travel requires special approval from us as well as altitude and climbing experience.

Mountaineering in Asia

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