Places to Visit in Peru

Machu Picchu

The forgotten Inkaby Machu Picchu is clearly the biggest draw, for touring Peru. Machu Picchu is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the seven wonders of the world, which is definitely not a wonder for anyone. Machu Picchu is an abandoned relic of a former Inca city, located impressively high up in the Andes.

Machu Picchu was built around the year 1400 by the Incas, where it was used as a royal residence. The city consists of 150 stone buildings, all of which are divided into different groups of houses surrounded by steep terraces for agriculture. The buildings are built in characteristic Inca architecture.

Cuzco and the Sacred Valley

Your tour of Peru should pay a visit to the “navel of the world” Cuzco. The city is located high in the Andes in southeastern Peru. Now you might get the impression of a small mountain village, But in fact, 300,000 inhabitants live here.

Once upon a time, Cuzco was the capital of the Incas. On a tour of Peru, Cuzco will therefore act as an important part of the cultural insight into the country that you will receive. Close to the city is the Sacred Valley – a sight not to be missed on a tour of Peru.

The Sacred Valley is also called the Urubamba Valley. From here, Machu Picchu can be glimpsed high up on the horizon. In the valley lies the picturesque village of Pisac, which is popular due to colorful markets and historical relics of the Inca culture.


The enormous rainforest of 6.9 million km2, makes up 60% of Peru’s magnificent land. Therefore, the Amazon will be almost impossible to avoid on a round trip in Peru. The rainforest is located in northern Peru and also covers areas in 9 different countries.

Neighboring countries Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia, among others, have also benefited from the Amazon. It’s hard to imagine how big the Amazon really is, but the rainforest right now makes up over half of the earth’s rainforest areas.

If you are lucky, you will encounter in the rainforest some of the 5% of Peru’s population who actually live in the overgrown rainforest area. The Amazon offers tropical climate, which is one of the geographical zones you will experience on tour of Peru.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is a popular attraction for touring Peru. The lake itself is a visiting weather, and so is the surrounding town of Puno. Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America, with an area of ​​8,372 km2.

The lake has its quaint location above 3,810 above sea level and houses 41 partially inhabited islands. Let your round trip to Peru be enriched with this experience, where you can visit the Sun Island, the Moon Island and many other spectacular areas.

Lake Titicaca is also of great importance in the mythology of pre-Columbian cultures. Soløen was the place where the Inca ancestors were born. Soløen is therefore a very popular attraction to visit, as there is a lot of history.

Colca Canyon

On a tour of Peru you should visit Colca Canyon in the Andes. Colca Canyon is one of the world’s largest depressions at a total of 3,160 meters. The gorge is therefore twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

You can advantageously add trekking to your tour of Peru, and let this trip take you through Colca Canyon. Here is so beautiful and there is the opportunity to spend the night in the cozy town of Chivay.

The gap is extremely breathtaking both in terms of flora and fauna. In the amazing Colca Canyon there is a varied wildlife, where especially giant hummingbirds, duck condors, eagles, flamingos, vicuñan llamas and rabbit-sized chinchillas can be experienced.

Travel to Bolivia

If you want to extend your holiday after a round trip in Peru, then Bolivia is an obvious country to visit. Bolivia borders the southern part of Peru, and has no less than 10 million inhabitants, about half of whom are Indians. Below you will find the highland Indians Quechua and Aymara.

The different population groups make Bolivia an incredibly exciting cultural experience that brings to mind the time with Christoffer Columbus. The administrative capital of Bolivia, La Paz, has about 1 million inhabitants and is the world’s highest capital.

Here you can experience a fantastic city with endless opportunities for shopping, museums, colonial architecture, bars, restaurants and much more. La Paz is a good mix of new and old, which is why there is simply something for everyone.

In Bolivia, you will also be able to experience the world’s largest dried – up salt lake, salt flats, flamingos in the red lagoon, the lunar valley – just to name a few of the exciting experiences Bolivia has to offer. A round trip in Peru and then Bolivia is in short a unique an unforgettable experience in the sign of South America.

Colca Canyon

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