Sotheby’s Sold 100-Karätigen Diamonds

An over 100-karätiger flawless diamond in colour D type lla will be the highlight of the magnificent jewels auction on 21 April 2015 in New York. The estimated sales value amounted to 19 to 25 million US dollars. According to the prestigious auction house, there are only five more, such flawless diamonds with a weight of over 100 carats that were sold all over the world. The unusual Emerald-cut of gemstone makes this so special “perfect diamond” – he is the largest diamond with such a cut, you could ever purchase at an auction. His rough diamond weighed more than 200 carats and comes from a de beers mine in South Africa. Over a year the diamond was cut to its present glory.

The gem in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Dubai and Doha will be issued before the auction in April.

Since the auction house Sotheby’s had the first 100-karätigen diamond auctioned in 2013, the carat price of diamond of this quality of 125,000 US dollars has increased to $ 260,000. In 1990 the “Mouawad splendour” was auctioned it by Sotheby’s in Geneva for $ 12.8 million (125,295 U.S. dollars per carat). 101,84-karätige flawless diamond is by modified droplet shape and has color D. “The Star of Happiness”, weighing 100,36 carats, it scored Geneva $ 11.9 million (118,397 US dollar per carat) in 1993 at Sotheby’s. The diamond is of modified brilliant cut, D color and flawless. in 1995 again a 100,10-karätiger diamond in the form of drops for $ 16.5 million (165,322 per carat) was sold at Sotheby’s Geneva. The flawless “star of the season” is by color D. “The Winston Legacy”, a 101,73-karätiger Teardrop, D color flawless diamond, for 26.7 million US dollars (262,830 US dollars per carat) at Christie’s was auctioned in Geneva. Who holds the record of the most expensive white diamonds, which was sold in an auction, “spectacular oval diamond”: In the year 2013, the 118,28-karätige diamond oval cut for 30.6 million U.S. dollars (258,708 US dollars per carat) at Sotheby’s was sold it the Hong Kong.

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